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Study Series: 10 Tips For Getting Started On Academic Tasks

Hey Everyone and welcome to this weeks Study Series. This week I will be sharing with you my top 10 tips for getting started on any academic task. Improve Your Study Environment. You do this by reducing noie, keeping the... Continue Reading →


Study Tips Series: Accurate and Clear Information

Hey Everyone and welcome to week 3 of the study series. Previously we have looked at reading for a purpose and identifying and extracting information. Today however we will look at how to Provide Written Information Accurately and Clearly. It is always best to... Continue Reading →

Study Tips Series: Identifying and Extracting Information

Hey Everyone and welcome to my study tips series. Last week we discussed Reading For A Purpose and today we will look at Identifying And Extracting The Information You Need. Once you have gathered all of your notes the next step is... Continue Reading →

Study Tips Series: Reading For A Purpose

Hey Everyone and welcome to my new blog series. This series will focus on studying and offer some tips and tricks for those undergoing educational courses at any level. This series will cover things such as reading tips, note-making, source... Continue Reading →

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