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Writing Prompt #4

I think you all know the rules by now. Less than 750 words, flash fiction. The light fractured into pieces along the wall. The curtains pulled shut allowed little light into the room, but enough to notice every car that... Continue Reading →


Writing  Prompt #3

Day 3 Prompt. Same rules, less than 750 words. Miles giggled as he peaked through the gap in the wardrobe doors. He couldn't hear Leila anywhere.  He was sure it had been 10 minutes already but it felt like an... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt #2

2nd Prompt of July. Decay. Less than 750 words and unedited. 'I locked eyes with the coyote as it stood across the street from me. Rooted to the spot, my feet wouldn't  move. I didn't know whether it was through... Continue Reading →

Writing Prompt #1

Over in my favourite writing group one of the lovely Admin set us a challenge. To write a shirt piece of flash fiction under 800 words using the above prompt. I wrote a piece just over 400 words (407). It's... Continue Reading →

First Paragraph – My Fantasy Novel

This is a slightly different post from me. I am very nervous about posting this as I am extremely self critical. However, I have decided to put myself out there as even criticism will help me grow. So here we... Continue Reading →

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