Hey Everyone 🙂

So as the title suggests today I want to discuss planners for college.

I am retraining into Business in September since Criminology is extremely difficult to work in right now and I have been thinking about my planner options.

I have a Kikki-K Black spotted Pause in large which I plan on using however I’m uncertain what to use it for exactly.

I have no doubt I won’t fit a years worth of studying into it which I didn’t think about initially as I was just going to pop in my academic diary and then dividers for each of my 7 modules.

Upon this realisation I seem to be at a bit of a loss.

I could just pop each module into a different planner when it’s complete and keep a key notes list for that specific module instead, I could just use notebooks and not my planner, I could have multiple planners per module.

I’m honestly not sure. Aside from a diary and module stuff I’m not sure if there is anything else I may also need.

I have studied from home loads but the requirements are always different. I haven’t studied properly though for about 7 years.

So my question to my reader’s today is this. If you study, what do you use a planner for? What am I forgetting?  What are your tips to maximise productivity while staying pretty?

I’d really appreciate the advice of my readers is this matter.

Hopefully next week I will have remedied my issues and have my College Planner Set-Up to show you:)

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x