For today’s instalment we asked the Facebook group what they would like to see us discuss. One of the points suggested was how we deal with day to day stresses.

Honestly it is hard to say how I deal on a day to day basis with stress as it is a contant factor. I don’t tend to overly focus on it as I feel it then gives it more control and power over me.

I do find life at times extremely difficult. I have a toddler with food and behavioural issues whilst trying to self remedy my post-natal depression. 

For me what I find is probably the biggest help is routine. Both myself and my LO are sticklers for routine. If I try to do anything different it causes a negative reaction. 

Therefore my days do sometimes feel boring and mundane and I often feel stuck in a rut however by keeping a routine for us I often find that days can much easier and we have more fun because we are both relaxed. 

As most parents know, especially ones who are stay at home parents. A childs mood heavily changes with yours. If I don’t feel great and I am in a negative mood then usually thats exactly how my LO ends up feeling, and vice versa.

Planning helps massively with this too as it gives me am outlet, something for me. On an evening once my LO is in bed and my partner is home I often unwind by reading a book or watching some TV series.

All in all it’s just about getting by, getting through each day as it arrives and reminding myself to be grateful for the good things that happen, for the fact that no matter how bad I feel my day has gone, it could be worse.

I’d love to hear how you deal with your day to day stresses.

Thanks for reading. 

The Stationery Geekette x