Well it’s that time again! Time to weigh up what I’ve achieved this month and what I’ve failed to achieve.

I honestly felt like I hadn’t done much at all but when I was reflecting over the month I realised I had actually done a fair bit.

I’m finding that having a commitment to posting this update helps a lot in my motivation to get things done!

So let’s look at my achievments for the month.

* Assembled all the new furniture
* Rearranged the living room and decluttered
* Requested permission to redecorate
* Finished reading Beautiful Creatures
* Had more family time
* Alexis started nursery, I finally bit the bullet
* Had two date nights with my other half
* Sorted Alexis’s bedroom
* Moved Chloe into Alexis’s room
* Massive toy declutter and listed on FB groups
* Started a new e-course
* Bought a blog domain
* Started creative journaling
* Sorted the garden
* Met up with some friends
* Became a member of the UglyBugDoes design team

All in all it’s actually been a pretty productive month. I’ve been Ill the last week so I feel like if it wasn’t for that I may have got more accomplished.

Next month my goals are:
* Unpack and sort bedroom boxes
* Organise Adam’s room
* Book Declutter
* Sort out the shed
* Sort out two kitchen units
* Bin the big box outside
* Finish Spark Joy book
* Finish an e-course
* Work on organising the big northern planner meet.

Everything seems achievable if I put the effort in and don’t get side tracked.

I have noticed over the last few months that distraction and procrastination seems to be a massive thing for me. The time I get to myself is rather limited so when I do get some I want to indulge in something purely relaxing (episodes of Gilmore Girls and Vanderpump Rules currently take this spot).

I am really trying to work on changing this as I do feel much better when I can tick things off my list.

I’d love to hear how you are doing on your journey:)

Thanks for reading.

The Stationery Geekette x