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April 2016

6 Months To Change My Life

I have been part of a Facebook group known as UK Planner Addicts (UKPA) for some time now. It's an amazing group full of beautiful,  intelligent and amazing women (mostly, there is the occasional man there too). The group has... Continue Reading →


Uglybugdoes Review

A friend of mine Michelle who I met via UKPA (UK Planner Addicts) Facebook group has recently updated and started running two online shops. One of those is for planner pretties such as stickers, charms, paperclips, dividers etc. I was... Continue Reading →

Picks Of The Week #1

Happy Sunday and welcome to my first edition of Picks Of The Week. I will be posting this segment every Sunday after reviewing other blogs. The blogs will vary in content and topic and are not restricted. If you would... Continue Reading →

My Blog Planner

I decided that I was going to focus and improve my blog more in 2016. To do this I knew I would need to implement a routine and for that I would need a planner. Originally I was using the... Continue Reading →

Mini Planner Meet Up

Myself and another planner lady Michelle organised a little planner meet up. We plan on organising a larger one to give people more notice and at a better venue. Due to the short notice only 3 of us managed to... Continue Reading →

Planning A House Move – Tips and Tricks

I recently moved house, by recently I mean the last week. Been the super organised geek I am I tried to have everything organised. There were a few moments that were a little chaotic but those mostly were down to... Continue Reading →

Time Management Techniques

The Pomodoro Technique was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980’s. The technique is to use a timer to break down work/tasks into intervals. Each interval lasts 25 minutes which is then followed by a small 5 minute break.... Continue Reading →

Positivity In My Planner

I have a section in my planner dedicated to Inspiration. Part of that is everything to do with keeping me positive. To start with I have my gratitude wheel. I have this at the front as It is my go... Continue Reading →

10 Tips For Positive Thinking

  There are many different ways in which people remain positive and they may differ from person to person. These tips are things which I have found help me personally and I am hoping that they may help you even... Continue Reading →

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