It is that time of year where the majority of us want to Spring clean. The sun is shining more, the day is brighter, warmer and we feel stale!

I love a good clean. It feels so good to be in a house completely dust free and fresh.

This year I am moving on April 1st so my Spring clean came in the way of packing and de-cluttering. However I usually have a check-list which I go through in order to bring my house into the new year.

I had intended to provide you a printable my lack of time to figure out how to add it meant that it will just be some photos of my planner and handwritten check-list.

Once I have moved I will look into adding a printable for you.

So for now here are the things I have on my check-list.

Apologies for the darkish pics, my paper is yellow and doesn’t photograph well.



Thank you for reading:)

The Stationery Geekette x

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