Hello and Happy 2016!

I’ve been waiting to do this post for weeks now and I’m so glad the time is finally here.

I’m super excited for this year. I feel really positive and really organised (let’s see how long that lasts!).

I am determined to have a good year and to know where I am with everything within my life. I want my finances organised,  my home decluttered and looking fab, my health and weight on track, a job, studies or voluntary position in the works and most importantly time to relax.

I have always struggled with relaxing. My head is always full of things I feel I should be doing or projects I want to start or finish.
With the help of GTD (David Allen’s Getting Things Done)  I am really hoping to achieve inner peace and enjoy making more memories with my beautiful children and partner.

I have quite a set up for this year and to some it may seem quite extensive but everything has a very specific purpose.

I am aiming to stick to this set up for at least 3 months, I want to see how it suits me. If all goes well and it works how I hope it will I will be having a huge de-stash of all my other planners.

I will briefly outline what I will be using and it’s purpose in this post but I will be posting a more detailed look over the next week or two.

Personal Size Malden – Calendar,  Diary, Notes and Contacts

Leuchtturm 1979 – Lists, Projects,  Braindump / Inbox, Quotes, Notes, savings tracker, Film, Book and TV lists, GTD notes, Children Notes, Next Action lists etc.

Paperchase a5 Coiled Diary – Household, Finances, Chores, Accounts info.

Ban.Do Large – Health and Fitness Diary, Weight Tracker, body measurements, Exercise log and food Diary.

ZYLC Embossed Std Fauxdori – TV series tracker, Journal and Study Notes.


I’d love to hear how you’ve set up for 2016. Have you changed anything?  Do youhave specific goals and aims going forward? 🙂

Enjoy and Happy New Year

The Stationery Geekette x