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November 2015

How to Send and Receive Kindle Content

I use my kindle a fair bit even though I prefer a book in my hand, I cannot doubt the ease of the Kindle app, the price of the books are always cheaper too. Many of my friends also have... Continue Reading →


Unleash Your Mind!

I've always struggled with the chaotic mind syndrome. So much going on, too much to think about, planning for the week ahead etc. Sometime, well let's be honest now most of the time I feel like my brain is going... Continue Reading →

16 Before 2016 Challenge!

I was reading the How To Gyst blog the other day and came across something called the 16 Before 16 challenge. The basic principle of this challenge is to set yourself 16 goals to complete before 2016. This was sited... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Blog in the Spotlight

Naturally us humans really want organisation and calm in our lives, yet no matter what we do it seems like an impossible task. Since I have had the baby and stopped working I seem to give the appearance of calm... Continue Reading →

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