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August 2015

We Have A Winner

Hey Everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful holiday weekend. There have been 20 entries into the giveaway which I'm really happy about, for a little blog 20 feels like such a huge amount hehe:) So first of all I... Continue Reading →



Many of us planner addicts are part of a huge community on Facebook and Instagram and take part in planner swaps. This is when two people from different places world wide swap planner goodies with each other. It is a... Continue Reading →

Studying with my Standard

Hey! Since having my baby in October I have been dying to get back into something which requires using some brain function other than mothering. I was in desperate need of some intellectual information. While I was pregnant I studied... Continue Reading →

Sweet Planner Sunday

I Love Sunday! Every Sunday I take out all my planner supplies and decorate the week ahead. Sometimes I have a theme and sometimes I just go with the flow like today. My week is pretty bare this time around... Continue Reading →

Give Away !

July and August have been very big months for myself. I moved away from blogging about my life (which I had failed to update on for about a year) and moved into blogging about my passion...stationery and all things planner... Continue Reading →

Etsy Shop

A friend and I who met through a group have decided to co-venture into selling items via Etsy. My colleague is based in China and makes lovely Fauxdori's and other leather journals and I set up an Etsy shop to... Continue Reading →

Planner Time

Now I have finally hit a point where I am completely happy with my planner situation I have been spending time enjoying the wonders of using them. I have had a funky divider wallet made for my Happy Planner which... Continue Reading →

Adori..Definitely Made With Love!!

I am not sure where to even start with this review because I honestly feel like no matter what I write it will not convey enough how absolutely amazing these Adori's (fauxdori) actually are. Not only does the crafter Anja... Continue Reading →

My Planner Life…

I am finally at a point where I have perfect planner peace (for now at least). This is a post where I let you all delve into my world. I have numerous planners in all shapes and sizes which serve... Continue Reading →

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